using tps65930 instead of tps65950

Hi All!

I wonder if it would require significant (at least any) changes to the
software level if I use lighter Power chip tps65930 instead of
tps65950. The 65930 has all I need but requires less precise

Will I have to adapt x-loader and u-boot/kernel for the 65930 chip or
they are the same in software?

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They should be pretty much the same. The key difference is the lack of the battery charger in the 65930 which is not used on Beagle. They have the same exact silicon on th einside, it’s just not everything is pinned out on the 65930.


Dear Gerald,

Does it mean that I just can change from 65950 to 65930 and need
nothing to change in the existing x-loader or u-boot?


Maybe. Only you can answer that one. You may use the LDOs differently. I really don’t know.


I agree with Gerald. I am using the 65930, albeit not under Linux.
You may use the LDOs differently.
I found that the audio being bonded out differently posed a couple of
Overall, very few issues on making the transition.
GL - Matt


can you specify the issues with audio?


The audio pins we use on Beagle are not accessible on the TPS65930. There is a imited set of pins availble. You can look at the datasheet and see the difference. You should have already seen this when the design was done.