Using tree overlays


I’m looking for information on using overlays for GPIO and the UART’s. For the BBB I have used Molloy’s book but things have changed from that. I’m using C++ with cape manager. Page 222 in exploring Beaglebone.


I think that uboot overlays are now being used:

I would also like to reassign pins, but I haven’t found how to do this with uboot overlays.
Here’s a link for changing pin assignments from the command line using config-pin:

I used config-pin to reassign I2C1 to UART1:
$ sudo config-pin P2_09 uart
$ sudo config-pin P2_11 uart

This reverts back to I2C1 on reboot.


Hi, do you know how to make the config-pin permanent ? Do we have to use U-Boot overlays for that ?

Especially I configured can0 and can1 interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces so that they would be up automatically.
So the calls of config-pin need to be done before the interfaces are setup otherwise the CAN bus doesn’t work, and I would need to manually set them down and up again.

As anybody done that ?