USR leds not working after upgrade 2022

I have installed bone-eMMC-flasher-debian-10.3-iot-armhf-2020-04-06-4gb.img on a brand new BBBW. I used BalenaEtcher to make the SSD. The install proceeded as expected resulting in the eMMC flashed. After reboot the BBBW comes up normally with all it LEDs working and USR LEDs flashing as expected. Log on is normal and the system appears stable. Then I proceed to “apt update” and then “apt upgrade”. Some ~149 updates take place. After both update and upgrade are finished with no reported errors, the BBBW is rebooted. The power, wifi, blutooth, LEDs appear. But, no USR LEDs. You able to log on to the device. After you do, you will notice that /sys/class/leds is empty. It looks like the gpio-leds were not set up at boot. We have been repeating this install several times with different new devices and it continues to happen as described. The USR LEDs are an important debugging (state-of-health) tool for us. Has anyone experienced this year? Is it a known bug. Is there a patch? Yep, we know we can choose to not roll the software forward but that is not the answer we seek.