V_MMC2 programming from boot ROM on Beagleboard xM processor

We have an eMMC connected to the MMC2 pins on the DM3730. We are powering the eMMC using the V_MMC2 rail on the TPS65950 power chip. This rail comes up at a default voltage of 2.6V. We want to boot from the eMMC, but we need 3.0-3.3V on V_MMC2. We changed the boot select pins on the DM3730 to include MMC2 in the boot sequence. The only way that we see that this will work is if the boot ROM sets the TPS65950 V_MMC2 voltage to a valid value (like 0xF, which is 3.15V).

Does the DM3730 boot ROM code do that?

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I am not sure, but I really doubt it. I don’t recall anyone ever trying to do this and I don’t know of any platform that had this configuration.

Your best bet would be providing an external 3V power source for that pin using the 2.6V from the PMIC as the enable…