v4.5.3+/v4.6.x+: mmcblk re-number

Just a heads up, users will start to notice a mmcblk numbering change. (specially on devices with a populated eMMC)

Due to these kernel commits:



So, starting with v4.5.3 & v4.6.x (v4.5-rc1 → v4.5.2, mmc was a dice roll…)

eMMC: mmc1 = /dev/mmcblk1
microSD: mmc0 = /dev/mmcblk0

In the past, whatever got detected “first” ended up as /dev/mmcblk0

So with microSD empty (prior to 4.5.x/4.5.3)

eMMC: mmc1 = /dev/mmcblk0

BUT now with v4.5.3+/v4.6.x+

microSD empty:
eMMC: mmc1 = /dev/mmcblk1