valid board validation procedure for C4 HW


has anyone tried to follow the board validation procedure from here
) for a C4 HW?

For me it's not really working as described.
Although I have the boot.scr on the mmc and pressed the user button
during power-up (5V not USB), it seems that the reading of boot.scr is
skiped and the uImage is read directly.
This is already one think that does not work as described on beagle
board validation page.
Further the uImage is loaded..

Background is, I powered the board with 6V and I'm trying to find out
why the DVI interface does not work..


Try 7V and enjoy your monitor smoking!

Really, why don’t you use 5V rated DC source? There is 5V circuit to DVI connector so I guess either your display has a protection circuit or already dead :slight_smile:

2010/3/10 Willy <>

Hi Maxim,

I accidentally powered the board with 6V. I moved my work place
several times and it seems that during transportation the output
voltage switch from the DC power supply has moved from 4.5 to 6V. My
fault is that I haven't checked the switch every time before use it.

The monitor is ok.