VERY newbie...

Sorry to bother you, I've just received a BBxm.. Could I power it
through USB?
I've thought to connect it usb to the PC, the hdmi to a dvi monitor
with the adapter and let the BB boot via the microSD they sent me...
Should it work? Is the serial port connection necessary for a first
boot? (trying this method with a TV with usb connection and hdmi-in I
couldn't get no image on the TV, the BB turns its leds on but the TV
says "no signal")

Thank you very much. Igor.

You can power it via the OTG port if your PC will supply enough current via the USB port. Some PCs will not like the current and can shut it down. I suggest you use a external 5V supply, especially if you plan to use Ethernet or any of the USB Host ports.

The serial port is not required to boot the board.

In most cases the Beagle will not drive a TV. You really need a monitor. You can change the scren resolutions to match those required by a TV. A TV has different timings. You can do a search on the discussion group to see what others have done to get their TVs to work.


Hi Igor,

I also recently got a xm and had huge problems with it powered via USB, I would use a 5V regulated supply if I was you, positive on centre.

I would also recommend using the serial interface to see what is really going on.