Video playing


What is the best solution to play video ?

I tried the "big bunny" (640x360), was working not too bad with omapfbplay, but was very laggy with mplayer.

Another thing, can 720p video decoding work (I use B4) ? Or do we need to wait for xM ?


Try gstreamer with the TI plugins - they should already be installed
in the Angström demo image IIRC. Those utilize the DSP so it should
give you 720p at a reasonable frame rate.


Thank you, I'll try...

add “mem=99M@0x80000000 mem=128M@0x88000000” arguments to the “bootargs” in u-boot.

2010/7/7 Yaman Umuroglu <>

Did it worked?


I didn't have the time to try yet, I'll do it tonight.

Le 07/07/2010 14:52, Renan Biegelmeyer a �crit :

With 720p i can’t have reasonable frame rate. Up to 6-8fps, no more.


  • Roberto

it depends on the file format used. Of course, the file created for PC will run very slow on BB.

2010/7/7 Roberto Alcântara <>

What format will be the best for BB ?
Do you think the xM will be able to handle it ?

Video in h264 and 720p run very slow on the beagleboard.
With omapfbplay, average frame rate is around 7 fps while video in MP4
run around 15 fps.
I measured the performance with big_buck_bunny_720p.

I didn't try with gstreamer but if you get similar results I think you
aren't using the DSP.


Why don’t search through this mail-list? This topic was discussed a lot and especially for xM

2010/7/7 Guillaume Duteil <>