Video processing using BeagleBoard


I am a electronics engineering student from NIT Calicut, India. I
would like to know whether I can use BeagleBoard for real time video
processing? Do we have options for giving analog video input to the

As a beginner I would also like to know whether I can port MatLab
coode directly onto the board?


I am sure u can do real time video processing with Beagle board, however it
depends on the resolution and bandwidth requirement

to answer your second question, you have to use matlab compiler to compile
your matlab code to C/C++ code and then compile for the target(ARM/OMAP). I
don't think beaglebord directly supports matlab code

good luck

I am using the BB with OpenCV for realtime vision processing (tracking interior structures, doors, windows etc for a robotics project). Currently I am using Hough calculations with Canny edge detection at 320x240. I've limited it to 10fps and it is completely unoptimised. On a standard C3 BB this uses about 65% of CPU and 40Mb of RAM. This includes rendering the raw input and the processed output via the DVI/HDMI port.

I have set up my BB with Ubuntu. Once this is done you can literally install everything you need with "sudo apt-get install xxxxx". A lot of hard work has already been done to port the packages to the ARM platform. Whilst they may not be the most optimised, they work and work well.

I have found using Ubuntu friendly hardware very easy on the BB with Ubuntu installed - wifi, webcam etc.


Amarnath wrote:

Have you checked out GStreamer[1]? It's a nice framework for handling
multimedia. There's even a plugin that uses the DSP side of the

If you want to do computer vision, check out openCV[2]. It to has
already been ported to the Beagle. It has functions for doing things
such as face detection.



it can be used for real time video processing for sure.

There is no option to give analog video (composite video from a DVD
player for instance) to the board. You will require a video decoder
chip for that. Also
by the hardware design, i don't think it can be supported by an add on
card in the beagle current revisions.

You can also have a look at the leopard board which has a DM355
processor which can also support real time video. I think it has an
add on card (on the works) to
support analog video input.