VIN and USB1.VIN Power input to TPS2051 for USB1 host power on Pocketbeagle

Hello friends,

I’m planning to use a TPS2051 chip to supply up to 0.9A of current to USB1 in host mode on a pocketbeagle. I also want to power the pocketbeagle with either the client mini USB port, or an external 9-12V DC source to a 5V regulator to VIN.

My question is, how should I connect the power input of the TPS2051 chip? If I connect to VOUT (P1.24) I’m limited to only 0.2A, if I connect to USB1.VIN (P1.7) I won’t get power if it’s on an external source, and if I connect to VIN(P1.1) I won’t get power when it’s powered via client USB.

The obvious solution is to connect VIN and USB1.VIN together so that is either of them are powered, the TPS2051 will be powered and so will my USB host port (see picture)… but is this going to break something? Is there a better solution?