VLC + DSP problem for beagleboard-xm

Hi all,

I would like to make a webcam streaming system at home. When I tried
to use VLC to stream by using vcodec=h264 or mpeg4. I found that it
occupies all the CPU resources. I thought it was due to not using the

I tried to install gst-dsp by the method shown in
http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu#gst-dsp. But after that, when I
tried to stream again by VLC, the performance does not improve. Am I
misunderstanding the way of using DSP?


I don't believe vlc has the gstreamer dsp hooks needed for that setup.

There were patches posted for mplayer at one time by Felipe, but
"gst-launch" seems like the only method at the moment that works for


how about FFMPEG?

it seems that it is hard to find related resources specific to
beagleboard-xm dsp.

I also would like to know whether gstreamer can act as a Streaming
Server (bind at and use without X environment.

Harold Chan wrote:

how about FFMPEG?

yes, there are some dsp patches for FFMpeg posted by Felipe,


but they never made it in

(yet) =/

Felipe Contreras wrote: