VLC player - capture audio - beagleboard xm

Hello everyone,

So I have a Beagleboard XM rev C, i'm running ubuntu 11.10 and i've
been able to test both the audio output and input using alsamixer.
When I un-mute "left2 analog loopback" and "right2 analog loopback"
and have a live audio signal coming into my input I can hear my sound
being looped back to my speakers, works great. Then by adjusting the
levels I can fine tune it to sound even better. The ultimate goal here
is to use darkice/darksnow and stream some audio to a server. But in
the mean time i'm still new to linux and trying to figure out how to
just play my audio from my Audio In port on the board into an
application such as VLC. This is where the problem happens.

I can't seem to figure out what my capture hardware device name for my
input jack is, so I can use it in VLC. I've tried /proc/asound/devices
and /proc/asound/cards and alsa://hw:0,1 but i think i'm way off on
the wrong road. Could someone give me directions back to the main
road? how do I search for the right name in ubuntu? the main hardware
commands i've used are "lshw" but that doesn't give me any directory
or hw names for the audio in jack.


Does anyone have any ideas yet??