VLDO1 OF TPS67215C GIVES OUT 50mS pulses instead of 1.8V DC

Hi Experts,

We built a CPU card based on AM3359ZCZD72 referring the Beaglebone black schematics.

We have not added any new circuits in it. I need to say it is an exact replica of Beaglebone black only the form-factor is changed.

We are seeing the following problem when we tried powering up the CPU card:

· The voltage at pins 7 & 8 of TPS65217CRSL have a 5V with a ripple of 0.5V pulsing at the rate of 100mS

· The Voltage at the Pin 3, VLDO1 is appearing as a square wave at the rate of 100mS instead of pure DC.

· The other power supply lines doesn’t turnup.

The schematics of the design is attached herewith.

Request you to support us as early as possible.

Thanks in advance for the support.