VoIP phone on a beaglebone

Hello all,

I want to get a SIP based Voip phone up and running on a baglebone. I have the audio cape and it is working fine. I have the ALSA drivers installed and wroking: ALSAmixer, arecord and aplay are working, so I should be OK there.

I am running ubuntu 12.10 minimal install with a custom built kernel (the only additions are the changes I made to support my odd ball LCD).

I would like to have VoIP running from the command line as a daemon.

I searched the archives for “bone voip” and did not get any hits. Has anyone successfully achieved VoIP with the bone?

thanks, ted

not personally, but I’ve heard asterisk should run on the bone and you could try compiling one of the many softphone apps from source.


All you need is Linphone

Yes linphone works, My team is working intensively on AM335x/DDR3 RAM/linux based VoIP project, we will release soon. and annual production about 50K pcs.

Good thing about AM335x is it has great processing power. and we have integrated some software Noise cancellation and Echo cancellation.

I am interested in running multiple VoIP clients on the Beaglebone at once. Anyone have a recommendation as how to accomplish this? The two approached I am considering is to have multiple independent daemons running with their own file structures. The other would be to go into the VoIP core and modify a single VoIP client to accept multiple calls.

I have downloaded linphone, was able to compile it, but am getting errors on start up and am not able to dial in or out. I have just started this journey so it may be something I do not have configured correctly, I believe I have all the modules I need loaded.



Hi ted,

I have my linphone CLI configured as follow:

./configure --disable-libv4l2 --disable-FEATURE --disable-x11 --enable-gtk_ui=no --enable-notify=no --enable-debug=no --enable-nonstandard-gsm=no --disable-speex --enable-video=yes --enable-tests_enabled=no --disable-sdl --enable-sv=no --enable-gl=no --disable-theora  --disable-vp8

maybe you can have a try.


I am having trouble building Linphone. I am attempting to cross compile and link on my Linux box. I can’t get media streamer to compile and link without v4l and fffmpeg.

you can send me an email with your settings.

Video call is supported?