Vote for your favorite BeagleBoard Design Challenge project

TI sponsored a design challenge[1] for the students of the University of Texas at Austin. Check out the entries and vote on your favorite[2]. and others have already picked up on projects that they’ve found interesting, such as the Smart Pill Box that uses video analytics to remind you to take your medicine. The videos for the Virtual Presence Device and the TurtleCam are well done and even a bit dramatic and humorous. Felipe Contreras’ DSP communications library got a workout by the Super Beagle team. There are lights and music from BeagleLight and BeagleBand projects, from which you can pick up some easy to use design approaches quickly. Home Entertainment System tackles several ambitious problems. Beagle Phone Locater makes novel use out of web APIs and Beagle Scan helps you create some 3D models for your MakerBot or to render with your BeagleBoard’s 3D graphics engine.

The voting site includes links to the project’s wiki page that includes steps to reproduce the work done by the students and any source code they created.