WakeUp GPIO features is missing

Hi there

I want to use a GPIO interrupt wakeup for my BBB, unfortunately (and also in contrary what some people postet) i dont have the wakeup folder when i export pins.
I know that only the first pin bank GPIO0_x is usable for the wakeup.

Does anyone know what to initialize it and what to change in the kernel code?
The controller omap is definetly loaded because i can check the values of the pin and also change them.


william@beaglebone:~$ ls /sys/class/gpio/gpio3
active_low device direction edge power subsystem uevent value

Set the “edge” file to “rising”, "falling:, or “both”. You can then perform a blocking read on the value file. Using poll(), select(), etc. This is about as close as it gets for interrupts in user space.

Did you resolve? I’m looking for a solution.
@William: I don’t think that you can use select() or poll() while your system is sleeping.

You can't do *anything* on a Linux system while it is sleeping. Except
perhaps bring it out of sleep.

Exactly, but I think the OP wanted a way to put the BB into a (deep) sleep mode instead of a wait_for_interrupt. Don’t you agree with me?