Weather Cape and tsl2550 patch

Hi Robert,

I recently got the Weather Cape (rev b) and noticed an issue with the
tsl2550 light sensor in low light. It turns out Matt Ranostay posted
a patch to LKML back in 2013 that fixes the issue:

[PATCH] tsl2550: fix lux1_input error in low light

However, it doesn't seem that patch was ever picked up. I've applied
the patch to 4.4.35-ti-r70 and tested OK. The patch also applies OK
to mainline (4.9-rc7). More details in this gist (also attached):

Could you add the attached patch to ti-linux-kernel-dev?


0001-tsl2550-fix-lux1_input-error-in-low-light.patch (1.13 KB) (2.83 KB)

Don't you want to submit this upstream?

Yeah, that makes sense to resubmit but I wanted to check with Matt first.

Thanks Drew!

I've added it to the patch queue.



Matt has told me he'll submit to upstream again.