Weather Cape - Contact Request

I would like get in touch with the board designer(s) of the Weather Cape.

I have an RFP for a project that requires a custom version of the board.
Would anyone be able to please provide a contact or forward my contact info.
Dejan Nenov, d[at]panaton[dot]com tel. 415-999-four-four-five-zero

Thank you!


I have a couple of comments about this board.

One is that, if you care about humidity sensing and you’re going to spend money spinning up a board, why not get the Sensirion SHT25 with 2% max RH tolerance? Rev B’s HPP828E031 sensor is an improvement over Rev A’s SHT21, but you can do better for just a few dollars more.

Another comment is that, if you are really going to use this board for weather or environmental monitoring, I would be concerned about picking up heat from the BBB itself. It is burning a few Watts of power after all, and in an enclosure that will make quite a difference. It would be a good idea to move the temperature sensor to the edge of the board, preferably on a finger of PCB that you can isolate from the rest of the BBB. Even better, put the sensor on a remote with a plug-in cable.


Thank you for the comments - indeed the intention is to move all the sensors outside of the cape with appropriate connectors, so that they can externalized from an enclosure.