Webcam on Beagleboard

Hi all

I am trying to connect a webcam to my beagleboard and to get images
taken by it to display on a webpage. I have got a web server running
(apache2) and I can successfully connect to it.

I am however struggling with the webcam. I have a CreativeLabs WebCam
NX (0x041e 0x401c). Based on, my
webcam requires the ‘spca5xx/LE gspca v4l1/v4l2’ driver.

In the recipes folder there are recipes for spca5xx and gspcav1 (I am
assuming this is the same as or equivalent to gspca). However, when I
include these in my console image, when I bitbake I get errors.
Looking at the log suggests that semaphore.h is missing.

Firstly, I am unsure how to get the drivers to compile with my console

I know my webcam is compatible as when I boot an Angstrom Demo Image
and use the following command

mplayer tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=320:height=240:fps=90:device=/dev/
video0 –nosound

(as suggested in previous posts) and I get a good video feed.

I found various .ipk files in the tmp directories related to the Demo
image related to gspca, uvcvideo, v4l1, v4l2 and videodev. I copied
these to the beagleboard and used opkg install *. – Is this OK to do?

When I rebooted and went to /dev/ and listed the contents, video and
video0 appear – am I correct in thinking that this means that the
webcam has been detected? If I am correct, my problem is displaying
the images on a webpage.

Again in the recipes directory I have come across w3cam and webcam-

I have bitbaked these (standalone) and transferred the resultant .ipk
file the the beagleboard. I think I have managed to install them
correctly however I have a few issues.

With w3cam, I have to change the permission on /dev/video0 (using
chmod 666 video0). Then, while I get images when I view the
w3camd.cgi, the images are black with bands of ‘static’ – static
meaning like on old analogue television reception.

With webcam-server, I cannot even start the server, I simply get a
message stated that ‘No support colour pallet found’

Has anyone been successful in getting a webcam to work in this manor
or with either w3cam or webcam-server?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you