WEC 7 Can't BOOT on BBB using SD Card

Hi friends,
I have loaded a 4GB SD card with the MLO, EBOOTSD.nb0 and NK.bin that comes with the Demo package “WEC7 BBB 01.05.00”, Also I have formatted the card with Fat32 and 4096 byte sectors (using hp format tool), and I have used the TI SD card utility for flashing the SD card, Also I have pushed the user button before power up,
But noting happens!!!
In some procedure they said to format using hp format tool, copy mlo,ebootsd,nk.bin in correct order and press usr boot button and power up…
but not booting…

when I power the board up the leds won’t flash, , So I think it’s a boot problem, How can I be sure that the MLO is in the first sector of the SD card?
I have loaded angstrom img succsfuly on BeagleBone Black.
I am using 4gb sd card, windows 7 and virtual machine xp.
so please consider the issue and help me…

Thanks & Regards
aswin pp


I have been using WinCe 6 / .Net Compact Framework on the Beaglebone Black and the LCD7 touchscreen with success.

A couple of things you might like to look at:

  1. Make sure the partition boot flag is set.
  2. Always copy MLO to the partition first.
  3. Check if there is any output on debug uart.
  4. Contact the person who offered the port for help.

There are separate BSPs for HDMI, LCD7, etc … You need to select the correct BSP from the codeplex web site.

.Net Compact Framework is supported. Touchscreen works well. Providing BSP is setup correctly UARTS work. I have found that GUI apps written in c# work very well on the Beaglebone Black with touch screen. You use VisualStudio on PC to cross-compile apps. I haven’t bothered to test Activesync yet. Instead I just copy files to the SDHC card.

If you are planning to do some serious application development and use the Beaglebone hadrware features you will have to look at creating you own BSP’s. Otherwise you will have to get someone else to do it.

Regards …

I’m tring to find WinCE 6 image for Beaglebone Black that will support the Chipsee 7’’ capacitive touch screen and the IO.
Can you help with information.


Previously i tried BBB image with HDMI driver and not tried with Chipsee touch screen.
I’ll check and let you know if i found.

Thanks & Regards

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