wec7 not booting from sd card

Dear all

I have loaded a 4GB SD card with the MLO and EBOOTSD.nb0 and NK.bin that comes with the Demo package (AM335X_BeagleBoneBlack_WEC7_BIN_V0131),Also I have formatted the card with Fat32 and 4096 byte sectors (using hp foarmat tool), and I have used the TI SD card utility for flashing the SD card, Also I have pushed the user button before power up,
But noting happens!!!
when I power the board up the leds won’t flash, and there is no activity on the Serial header, So I think it’s a boot problem, How can I be sure that the MLO is in the first sector of the SD card?

I have loaded angstrom, android and ubunto succsfuly on BeagleBone Black, I just want to compare what Win CE has to offer,So If you have booted successfully the Adeno Win CE please help me too,