Week 1 Report : Fix bugs in BoneScript

Hi all ,

This is a week 1 status update for the project : Fix Bugs in BoneScript & Improve BBUI.

Issues Fixed(till now):

I was working on fixing the issues reported at : https://github.com/beagleboard/bonescript/issues (moved from jadonk/bonescript/issues) and was able to fix these issues,

Issue #17 Interchanging digital and analog functions : First two parts of the issue was solved by the author itself , i have added a patch to perform analogWrite() on DOUT Pins here:

Issue #34 Pin Mux Error on P8_40 : This was an issue regarding mistakes in the pin mux definition of P8_40 , i have corrected it after referring am3358 manual, here :

Issue #24 Use module.exports instead of exports : replaced all the instances of ‘exports’ in the library with ‘module.exports’ and verified all the exported objects(also from individual files) before and after the change : https://github.com/jadonk/bonescript/pull/166

Issue #16 Handle case where debugfs not already mounted : submitted a patch to handle this case and has fixed the issue successfuly here : https://github.com/jadonk/bonescript/pull/169

Current Work :

I am presently working on Issue #13 Adding C Function support : I have tried out some examples using ffi to test the feature , and wrote a wrapper around ffi to handle compilation,
and also a function to bridge between Bonescript and MRAA pin definitions( was able to test simple examples from MRAA), will push my work for review soon after some refinements.

Next week Plan :

In the coming week i am planning to :
1)finish C function support Implementation
2)Demonstrate examples for the C function Support Implementation
3)test and fix the issue of spikes occurring when writing Zero duty cycle PWM
4)Smooth PWM Output Implement Solution and Testing