Week 8 Progress Report

Hi Everyone,
This is my Week 8 Progress report.

Tasks Done:

I couldn’t really do much the previous week due to attending a marriage ceremony at our house.
However could make some necessary improvements.

  1. Updated the game-logic of Encrypter, and updated the GUI accordingly.
  2. Fixed some bugs in the game_launcher script…like previously it was resuming the previous game even if I told it to generate/start a new game.
  3. Gave functionalities to update the scores before exiting every game.
  4. Updated the documentation accordingly.
  5. Tried to make a video screencast of the Encrypter game…this one is just a part of the game, where the user has to guess the shifting key if both the word and it’s encrypted version are provided. It can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PPQ9czF3CE&feature=youtu.be

Still not everything was recognised…will try to improve on that.

Tasks To be Done:

  1. To complete building the GUI of the fourth game.
  2. Further improving documentation by adding tutorials and examples.
  3. The Game launcher script has an issue, it resumes the same game even if I don’t explicitly tell it anything to do…will have to fix it.

I need to discuss about anything to be improved on the GUI if possible…feedback will be highly appreciated.