Weekly Report

Hi All,Please find the weekly report below.

Monday, July 5, 2010### Weekly Report 7

Status and Accomplishment

  • Looked further into performance factors. Looked into DMAN3 and ACPY3, tried to implement it, but later gave up considering that there won’t be much effect on performance implementing these for internal buffers.

  • Implemented cvIntegral and commited at http://code.google.com/p/opencv-dsp-acceleration/source/checkout. It works fine for image depth of 8-bit. I need to looked into its performance now.

  • Implemented DFT algorithm. Since, there is floating point normalization, floating to Q15, scaling the result, Q15 to floating conversion and unnormalization, I doubt about its performance. This extra task comes due to use of C64x+DSP. Implementing 2-D DFT is taking little more time than expected.

  • Beside couple of days at the beginning, my aim this week is to integrate the libraries with the OpenCV library. I had given it up last week after working on it for almost a day. Main focus this week will be on integration. Beside that, I will also look into code clean-up and adding error checking.
    As I am planning to look into integration this week. I may need some help in this part. The main blocker last week was CMAKE build system. Since then I was looking into different issues and look forward to solve it coming week.