Weekly Report

Hi All,

Please find my weekly report below or click on the link below to view it in my blog.

Monday, July 12, 2010### Weekly Report 8

Status and Accomplishment

  • Implemented 2-d DFT algorithm. Currently the ouptupt of DFT are scaled, as DSPLIB gives scaled output. I am planning to change the kernel for DFT and IDFT in DSPLIB for non-scaling so that the overhead of scaling back on my algorithm will be reduced. Reviewed integral and soble algorithm.

  • Committed the source code and application example for all the algorithm. Instruction was updated accordingly.

  • Integrated the library with the existing OpenCV2.1and the newly built opencv library supports the DSP for 3 algorithm.The patch is provided at the patch sub-directory inside the trunk. However, due to workaround with the CMAKE issue there is some extra work to be done to build the new library. It is mentioned on the build instructions.

  • Seems like my instruction is little bit complex. So I am planning to simplify it. Try to update the bitbake recipie that Koen had wrote so that OpenCV could be re-built using new patch.

  • Look into Optimization. Try async-universalprocess.

Correspondence with Kitware is still going on regarding CMAKE issue. For, now I am editing the makefiles generated by CMAKE for the integration of the libraries.