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Monday, August 2, 2010### Weekly Report 11

Status and Accomplishment

  • OpenCV now allocates memory using CMEM in the continious region. This saves overhead of copying the buffer. Same buffer allocated by OpenCV can be passed to the DSP. Functionality is fine but during the exit of the main() process, there is following error message, ‘CMEM Error: CMEM_exit() already called, check stderr output for earlier CMEM failure messages (possibly version mismatch).’
  • Most of the time was used to investigate on ASYNC DSP call. All the DSP_OpenCV call are made ASYNC. There will be now 2 API. One is the native OpenCV that is synchronous and use ARM while the other is ASYNC call to DSP_OpenCV. This gives the opportunity of parallel execution of task; frees the ARM for some other task. A API is provided to synchronize between DSP and ARM. Setting up ASYNC call only takes 274us for 320 x 240 monochrome image and 305us for 640x480 monochrome image. While the synchronous processing of native OpenCV sobel 3x3 algo takes 2655 us and 8820us respectively. This gives benefit of >10x and >28x performance respectively on a algorithm if task is scheduled properly considering the latency of DSP processing.
  • I am now working with C6accel library. Thanks to C6accel team for their support and providing some tweaks as per my need.


  • Work more on the performance and provide benchmark for implemented algorithms.

  • Work on documentation.

  • Work with the application.

No blocker as for now.