wget always returns "bad request"

I’m using the coupled with the software suite GetOne SSH, I’m in need to install Ubuntu over it and was following this tutorial>> http://avedo.net/653/flashing-ubuntu-13-04-or-debian-wheezy-to-the-beaglebone-black-emmc/#comment-1019451180 , the problem is that when I do wget request to this URL it gets “bad request”(I have used other URL too but that also do not work and says the same) ALSO sudo doesn’t seems to me to have been installed!,

It sounds like name resolution is not working, perhaps because you are
using USB networking? Try hooking up the BeagleBone Ethernet port and
see if that helps.

I don't know why sudo might not be working, exactly what is going wrong?

Yes, it should. The USB networking is essentially point-to-point unless
you configure your host system to route the network traffic to the
internet and configure the BeagleBone with proper gateway and dns

By default, the BeagleBone USB link simply provides an IP address to the
host system. So basic networking works (ie: ssh), but there is no name
resolution and no packet routing.