What are the 'dmidecode' and 'lspci' equivalents on ARM?

For no reason I want to just explore the system and its details. I came across this command ‘dmidecode’ which is supposed to dump all the hardware information. It did not work on BBB and I did some searching on google and on one of the ARM forums it has been mentioned that ‘dmidecode’ does not work on ARM systems and people over there were still discussing on what can be done regarding this. I do not want to dive too deep for now. All I want to see is details about the BBB.
I have tried lscpu, lsblk, lsusb. Things that did not work were dmidecode and lscpi. Is there a way I can work around this?

"lshw" is available at least on Ubuntu.

My board is running Debian 7.4 (Wheezy) on it and “lshw” gives “Bus error”