what build to use with BBBW?

What build is recommended for the BBBW? I’m always confused by the naming conventions and the numerous build types available.

BeagleBoard on their “latest image” page recommends this one for BBBW:

But then they also have this one from the same date with BBBW in the name:

Should we prefer “bone-debian” over “BBBW-blank-debian”? Is there a difference?

And if we want the latest build, then we go directly to RCN’s site? For example:

If I can make a suggestion: can a README.TXT be created at beaglebord and/or on rcn-ee which says:

If you have BBB rev C, start with BBB-something.img.xz
If you have BBBW, start with blahblah
If you have BBGW, start with blahblah

From reading the forum, I know I’m not the only newbie to be confused as to which build I should be using.


Like this readme?

For "end" users, there is only two images:

bone-xyz.img.xz = microSD image
BBB-blank-xyz.img.xz = eMMC flasher

The "other" images do not change anything for "end users" that the
bone-xyz.img.xz/BBB-blank-xyz.img.xz don't already do..



I couldn’t find this image:
can somebody please help me?

I am really stuck with BBBW. I tried a lot of latest and older images but the WL led of BBBW is not light up. I don’t know what the reason. please help me to resolve this issue.

Ameet Kumar



then if wifi still doesn't work run:

sudo /opt/scripts/tools/version.sh

and share it's output with us for debugging..