What company makes the PCB for Beagleboard?

I am a college student using the omap3530 for a gaming console project
and i have designed a board and schematic to be made however the main
PCB designer we have been using is only capable of 3mil traces and the
design is abit smaller than that. Does anybody know who produced the
PCB for the Beagleboard or know of a company capable of doing reliable
1 - 2 mil tracing?

Your best bet is either DDI and MEI. But, it won’t be cheap!



its not gonna be my money :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that works. Another piece of advice. Give them at least 5 weeks to build them or you will get a board that won’t work.


Why would you need 1 -2 mil traces? I think the finest ones on beagle are 3 mil.

@Gerald: Please correct me in case I’m wrong…

Going below 3 mil prices raise dramatically…

Good luck with the project


I agree. But, I have no idea what the design is and what the overall goal is. If someone wants to push the limits, I see no reason to discourage such efforts.


the design is such that i want to make available every single pin on
the OMAP3530 and to route it out theres only 3.5Mil between the pads
so 3mil line would only have .25mil buffer and that reaches the limit
of the schools default PCB company

Routing between pads is a no no in my book. Using via in PAD you can bring those signals to lower levels and route them that way. It has already been done on the processor module used on the OMAP3530 EVM. If you route traces between pads it may look good on the computer screen, but when you try and build it, you will have shorts all over the place because of the inability to hold the registration on the solder mask by the PCB house.

Have you read the PCB design guidelines that TI has provided?.


did not see the guideline til now. our regular PCB guys couldnt do the
routes through the spacing but the vias on the pads they may be able
to do so i will have to get back in contact with them

masterg wrote:

its not gonna be my money :stuck_out_tongue:

cool, can I give you a few more schematics/layouts to be produced :slight_smile:

but seriously, having the PCB made is just one part of the deal, are you
sure you will be able to have the full manufacture, solder and board bring-up
done for a student project? You might get away cheaper by buying an OMAP3 EVM
or a SOM that brings out all the pins and then design only your specific hardware
on top of that.