What ethernet adpators work with current Angstrom demo?

First, I would like to say thank you to all on this board for your fast and helpful responses. I know dealing with rookie questions can be frustrating.

But I appear to be an impasse getting the GWC powered hub with network adaptor working. I have also hit a dead-end trying to get a Belkin USB WiFi to show any signs of life.

I really want to get the Beagle on the network using Angstrom. So if someone here can tell me what ethernet adaptor they are successfully using with the current Angstrom demo, I’ll run down to the local computer store and buy one.

Btw, once this hardware is identified I think the ‘shopping list’ (http://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/wiki/BeagleBoardShoppingList) should be updated to mention which software configurations the recommended hardware works with.


Bill Davidheiser wrote:

using with the current Angstrom demo, I'll run down to the local computer store and buy one.

There is a list in the Beagle SRM. Personally, we went with the cheap TRENDnet TU-ET100C, which works, if you don't mind rebooting a few times every time you power up the board.

JustinLove wrote:

TU-ET100C, which works, if you don’t mind rebooting a few times every time you power up the board.

Thanks Justin. But I am looking for a reliable adaptor that would not have issues with the boot.

Does anyone else have a working adaptor with the Angstrom demo?



You raise excellent points. And most of this is just the way of the
opensource world. :slight_smile:

- The Trendnet adapter still seems to work.
- The GWC adapter seems to work with the 2.6.28 kernel. And it used
to work with the 2.6.27 kernel. But something there changed and it no
longer works with 2.6.27. I'm trying to figure out why. But I'm not
making any progress yet. What I know so far is that if I use Koen's .
27 uImage, it doesn't work. If I use Sakoman's 2.6.28 uImage, it
- I agree that once I reach some conclusion, I'll update the shopping
list. Unfortunately when I bought the GWC, it worked great. Then the
software changes happened. :frowning:

So if you want to get going with .27 now, I'd suggest switching to the

Thanks much.

Best regards,

Thank you. I will give the 2.6.28 try. Where do I find Sakoman’s 2.6.28 uImage?
(as a backup, I will also get the Trendnet)

I agree that ‘opensource world’ creates unique challenges and opportunities. On the opportunity side, it seems that if one of you Beagle savvy guys offered a pre-configured distro with working USB Hub and WiFi, you might make a few bucks selling to folks like me that want to get a working system running but don’t have a lot a free time to experiment. But I guess you would have to be a Beagle reseller and I am not sure if that is an option.


I found the problem with the GWC Ethernet Controller: The linux-
omap_2.6.27.bb recipe did not include the following patch -- that adds
the GWC to the list of known products --

Rebuilding the .27 kernel with this patch cures the problem.

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Outstanding. Thank you Geof.

I'd also add the Fry's Airlink ASOHOUSB 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet USB
2.0 Adapter works well (ASIX based)
$12.99 - currently sold out from frys.com but available in stores (in
San Diego at least)