What GUI toolkit is nativly availalble on the angstrom + beaglebone so I can write my own gui


I asked a question about a month or so ago asking how to disable gnome on beagle bone start up,I have correctly done that and the screen boots to terminal(which is what i wanted).

Now my problem is when I tried to compile a GtkSharp application with Mono it says it can’t initialize X11, I tried a java app and that too mentioned the graphics error, So what GUI toolkit is natively available on angstrom + beaglebone, I’m willing to learn it as its probably the easiest route to get a GUI up and running to have fun with.

On a side note: How does mplayer play videos from terminal mode yet I can’t get any language to draw simple lines in fullscreen? I wonder how Mplayer is rendering movies with out X11 initialized? (I attempted to look up the boot list process for angstrom/beaglebone but found that the answer was “Varies by platform”, I wonder if this is true?)

I ment to post this in the BeagleBone section… My Mistake.

Ti release their sdk within QT

And , there is a patch for qt to support gles

for a fast boot device ,this might be the better choice .

2012/10/12 Shane <midnightspecter@gmail.com>

Awesome, I was going to ask about GL support next, thanks mate