What happened to ethernet and SSH?

So I’ve had the BB-xM for a while and used it on and off for various purposes. The installation guide for either debian or ubuntu has always been pretty easy and straight-forward to me, and still is. However today, I can’t seem to get anywhere after I use the new SD images. They boot up, but I can’t do anything. No networking, no display, no nothing. I can tell it’s booting based on the disk read LED.

It seems that the only possible way for me to communicate to the board is via the serial port, and that’s not an option for me. All I want is for it to connect to the network using DHCP and have SSH start up at boot. I don’t need apache, I don’t want the serial TTY, I don’t need a GUI, and I don’t need DVI or S-video support. I have also noticed the uEnv.txt file is missing and the documentation doesn’t seem to mention explicitly if something should be done about that for the xM.

I remember last year I never had these issues - I set up the SD card, turned it on, and it just worked. Now, I’m getting the impression something is missing but I’m not sure how to get whatever that is.

I don’t really care if I have to use an older disk image and I don’t care if I have to use Debian or Ubuntu, I just want ethernet and SSH to work right from the start. If I can be provided a link to an older disk image that gives me what I want, that’d be great.