What is necessary to use 2.4 GHz wpan channels on play and freedom?

I’d like to use the 2.4GHz wpan channels to communicate between the sensortest bcf app, and sensortest-rx.py on the play.

I followed along with the May webinar on Digikey, using the provided image that included HomeAssistant and the bcf-sdk-0.2.2 tag of the freedom sdk repo. I was able to see lowpan communication between these two boards with udp. I reapplied what I learned back to the beagleplay-emmc-flasher-debian-11.7-xfce-arm64-2023-05-18-10gb image, and using sensortest-rx.py running on the play, I can receive udp datagrams sent from the freedom.

With the goal of using a 2.4 GHz channel in mind, I modified the respective config files to set the channel to 11 (2.405GHz), instead of 1. On the play, that’s /etc/default/lowpan and on connect, that’s zephyr-beagle-cc1352-sdk/zephyr/samples/boards/beagleconnect_freedom/sensortest/prj.conf.

However, the sensortest prj.conf also has several other relevant config items that reference SUB_GHZ, and it almost appears as an either/or scenario between IEEE802154_CC13XX_CC26XX and IEEE802154_CC13XX_CC26XX_SUB_GHZ. I tried a couple different combinations but felt like I was shooting in the dark. With channel set to 11, I never saw any received traffic with sensortest-rx.py, or in ifconfig.

What are the proper freedom prj.conf settings to use 2.4 GHz channels?

Is the channel in create_lowpan the only necessary change on the play?

Does wpanusb need a change?