What is the actual usable memory size on beagleboard-xm revision B (A3)?

I just bought beagleboard-xm and it turned up to be revision B (A3).
During the boot it reports available DRAM: 384MiB.
But it is supposed to have 512MB RAM!?
Why is that?
When i modify boot.scr to contain argument "mem=512m" linux image
doesn't finish uncompressing.
When i modify boot.scr to contain argument "mem=384m" everything works
Can anyone point me to right direction?


I quite new on this , but when i installed the Android froyo for the
Beagleboard from TI i had the same problem.

But when i took the MLO (Bootloader) file from another dist. (I dont
remember if it was from the sample sd card that came with the xm or
from a Angstrim dist) it reported the correct size, and i could then
start om more memory.


Hi Buing,
Thank you for hint. You soled my issue.
The problem was really connected to u-boot.
I replaced froyo's MLO and u-boot.bin with the latest u-boot from:
And it works. Now I have all my 512MB I deserve :slight_smile: