What is the difference between bone_capemgr.8 * bone_capemgr.9?

Hi all,

I’ve been watching Derek Malloy’s videos on the tube and noticed that he has bone_capemgr.9 (/sys/devices/bone_capemgr.9) while I have bone_capemgr.8.

I’ve searched around and not found how to upgrade to bone_capemgr.9 (or if I even need to).

I am running the latest Angstrom Flasher (applied a week & half ago).

Any help?



That number is not a version, it relates to the order in which different
drivers and other system resources got loaded after boot.

The bone_capemgr. part won't change, but the number will be different
based on what capes you do (or don't) have installed, what other things
are enabled in device tree, what USB devices you have plugged in, etc.

That's why most of the examples for talking to the capemgr use a path
like /sys/devices/bone_capemgr.*/slots instead of using the specific number.

...so you don't need to upgrade because of the bone_capemgr number.

Thanks Charles.

For some reason, I can neither reply to your reply nor mark it as the best answer.

I am happy to find out.