What is the difference between Seeed Bplay and Ti Bplay

Just noticed that Ti is selling a beagleplay board what is the difference?

This is an issue with TI’s price-book… That is suppose to be a TI “Store” only product ( Buy TI parts | Search price and inventory | TI.com ). All TI external distributors get the same excel sheet with parts that are included which are meant to be only available thru TI’s own web store platform. Depending on who uploads the spreadsheet, or who request’s a quote on this TI’s part number they eventually get added by distributors.

If someone where to actually order it, it would never get fulfilled, as it’s a BUG, and BeagleBoard.org would never ship it under that part number thru the 3rd party distributor’s portal…



$99.00 is a good price for that chip select and for a complete SBC too.

Is it possible to create the Play as a hub to control mechanical bots? By hub, I am basically stating a server of sorts to handle the many, intricate usages of electromechanical statuses.

So, like if I used the Play for control via bridge or server, I can then offload that to online capabilities and then promote my hardware, electromech stuff, to handle access from the Play bridge or via WiFi or another form of frequencies?

I just see the power this board has currently and I am wondering why it does not carry all the headers of small prototyping. Too much info. would have to be given out to me but…

  1. I do not need it so far.
  2. I say 1. b/c I do not yet know of its capabilities.
  3. I can research about it more.
  4. This will take place in the future.


P.S. For nostalgia, I may purchase it willy-nilly but the four-core processor seems to me shy of extra headers for use cases. This is my personal opinion. Not to be included w/ onlookers decisions nor the lack of purchasing it so far. I am not too familiar w/ MikroeBus and their overwhelmingly amounted parts.

They literally have all of them, i.e. every module you can think of currently.

I did go into Mikroe’s Spec. and their buildin’ appliance w/ their SDKs and things. It is neat. It has always been neat. They have just stepped up and made it accessible.

Are there any projects being made for this board that would make me more interested or make me more aware of its capabilities?

Pretty cool stuff, just don’t see how we can turn any of that into money for us.

The am62 is attractive since it is not a power hog.

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