What is the most you would pay for a never-used Beagleboard Rev C5?

I’m just curious. I have some leftovers…plenty, actually.

If they are priced close to a bone I would be interested in a couple.


…So you would pay about $45 for one?

Yeah some where around there. Just to add to a cluster. No offense meant
if you feel that is too low of an offer.

They were purchased in '11, but not used, because the company failed. I will sell 10 for $40 per board, 5 for $45 per board, or 1 for $50 per board. You pay shipping costs, and save money per piece—and in shipping fees—if you purchase in bulk quantities. Interested? If so, contact me at kimballclarkATgmailDOTcom to work out payment arrangements. I want to post them on eBay, but am not interested in losing money to commissions.