What kind of MicroSD card for BB XM?

Hi Guys,

Just want to know exactly which type of SD card do I need for the Beagleboard XM?
Is it the MicroSD or MicroSDHC card?
Furthermore what is the largest supported capacity?
I saw on Amazon some microSDHC cards holding as much as 32 GB!


Those are basically the same thing. SDHC stands for High Capacity and it designates the larger card sizes and the SD and the SDHC have the same basic HW interface… The BeagleBoard-xM ships with a 4GB card. A 32GB should work just fine.


I’m interested in the response because I have an 8 GM MicroSDHC and am trying to format and copy the test images on Ubuntu 11.04 but each attempt seems to give a different unsuccessful result. Most challenging is the message that “/mnt/sdb2 : Not a directory”, when I try to untar the Amstrong-Beagleboard demo image. Yet, I see the 169 MB archive is copied to /mnt/sdb2.


Gerald, see my 3 posts of yesterday about 32GB oddities with a Sandisk microSD HC 32GB Class 6.