What to do next with the beaglebone black

Hey guys! I just bought a beaglebone black, for the purpose of controlling a servo via a TCP client and server. I got the beaglebone today, plugged it in, installed the PC drivers, and navigated to
What I’m wondering is what to do next. I’ve had some programming experience in the past, but not with any of these languages. Which one should I install and use? Thanks!

more like use the one that will get your job done

what do you plan to do with your board ?

Assuming all are up to the task, here’s my $.02: you want C/C++ since a lot of the drivers and support code are written in C. If you will be running Linux, you want Python since that has been baked into Linux for a long time, and seems to be the preferred quick language of Linux admins. And you can apparently easily wrap C in Python. There is a huge online resource of existing Linux tools written in both languages and I/O device drivers mostly written in C/C++. Both have good free dev tools (I use and recommend eclipse but there are many others).

Others have said the first thing is to define the task, then pick what seem to be the best tools for the job. I agree 100%, and will just add that “best tools for the job” can be partly subjective, and should include factors such as “what do I already know how to use” and “in what language are the tools I need to use written”?


Adafruit has a Tutorial on interfacing servos to the bone. They use Python.