What's Different About These 2 Ways to Generate a Clean, Patched Kernel for the BBB?


We’d like to archive a clean, patched kernel source code tree for 3.8.13-bone80 and possibly other kernels in the event that we need to refer back to them several years in the future. While the merits of doing this maybe debatable, I’ve tried 2 ways to generate the clean (no generated files), patched kernel and I’m wondering if they’re equivalent, so long as the kernel (given both ways) is built with the same .config file and the same cross compiler/toolchain version. The “size” of the 2 patched clean kernel source trees is different when calling du -sch to total up the size under the KERNEL folder generated by the two source code trees, so I’m wondering what I may be neglecting to do for Approach #2 which build_kernel.sh in Approach #1 already handles. Any clues or info. would be greatly appreciated!!

Approach # 1

Approach 1, has git objects..




Guess I should have done something to KDIFF3 to get it to show all of the .git administration…