What's in the iot build?

So, I leave this project for half a year (maybe more), only to come back to a slightly new arrangement of builds, including an "iot" build. But there's no text on the page describing what's in the iot build.

That's the kind of omission that makes it take so much longer to get anywhere with a project like this. It took me weeks to understand the difference between console and other builds, mostly by trial and error. A sentence or two on the page would be very helpful.

So, what's in the iot build?


On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 2:09 PM, Wally Bkg <wb666greene@gmail.com> wrote:
> I’m curious as to difference between the Beaglebone Console and IOT images
> and the reason(s) for choosing one over the other.
> Even on my BBW I prefer an lxde or lxqt image as I like to be able to do ssh
> -X for things like gedit or geany from time to time, and I like the easy
> back-up and/or cloning of SD cards over flashing eMMC, but I’d like to know
> when an alternate image might make sense.

The iot image = lxqt image - lxqt/xorg…


By that, I’m assuming Robert meant lxde . …

Why not download the build tool and look at the config file, which list the packages added to the build.