what's the BBB boot procedure?

Is there documentation / web page that explains the process and files used when the
beaglebone boots? For example, I haven’t seen a page that explains the uenv.txt file,
or, for example, what the difference is between a uimage or zimage is and why you’d
use one or the other. And the MLO file; I have no clue what that is.

I’d like to be able to understand William Hermans’ instructions for booting to a usb hard
drive and what they’re doing and why rather than just blindly following them.


Google searching gave me this page which is helping me understand things.


Another (hopefully correct) answer:


Another one; this one looks good:


that page probably needs to be updated a bit by now ...


Indeed, I share your wondering Rusty.
Just a simple note : your link to the (greaaat) Sabayon has a typo, it should be :


I didn’t see these links in the eelinux wikis (official or Community) : I think it really worth a place there.

quick question to the list, that's probably been spending more time
on this than i have lately -- i'm assuming that, by now, u-boot for
the BBB is pretty much a solved problem and is fairly stable, with
most of the enhancements coming in the form of updated device trees
and newer uEnv.txt files, yes?

  i'm asking as i want to go back shortly and update a lot of my wiki
pages related to the BBB, and i would *imagine* that pages related to
the base u-boot code won't really have to change much, although i'm
happy with being proven wrong.


On quick review, I'd say other then unifing the "fatls/extls" sections to
just use the "generic" ls commands as CONFIG_CMD_FS_GENERIC has been
defined by default since atleast v2013.10 (haven't looked earlier..)