Where are the expansion headers located in Ubuntu?

Hi guys,
I have an ldr connected on an 1.8V pin 39 on my beagle bone running UBuntu.
I would like to know where to acces the digital data.
I know it is on /sys/devices/platform/tsc on angstrom. But where is it on Ubuntu. Please forgive me if i sound too stupid but I cant find it.

Just a Hardware note. BeagleBone does not have 1.8V on the pins. All pins are 3.3V.


But on the data sheet(http://beagleboard.org/static/BONESRM_latest.pdf) it says pin32(typo in the original) is a 1.8 V pin. I may be wrong here but I just want to confirm

It isn’t a digital pin. That is an analog pin, A/D converter and that relates only to the maximum voltage it can handle.


Oh okay. Thanks for the heads up.

It would also help to say what connector pin 39 was on. Don’t hesitate to all clarifying information to your questions.