Where could I find a good LCD + touchscreen for BeagleBone?

Something with a good frame around it, like this: http://www.chalk-elec.com/?page_id=1280#!/~/product/category=3094859&id=13939433

However, that is slightly expensive. Would something like this work: http://www.repairsuniverse.com/samsung-p7500-galaxy-tab-touch-screen-digitizer-replacement.html with this: http://www.repairsuniverse.com/samsung-p7500-galaxy-tab-lcd-screen-replacement.html ? I know I’ll probably have to get some sort of cape to go with it, any suggestions?

Or does anyone else have any other suggestions as to what I could do?

Could something like this work as well: http://www.mylcdtouchscreen.com/amazon-kindle-fire-hd-89-lcd-displaytouch-screen-digitizer-replacement_p1111.html


Generally speaking, you need to look at the schematic of the BeagleBone and the LCD to determine if it will work or not and if you can create the PCB required to connect the two boards.I did click on your link and it said it was not valid.


how about this:


at roughly $70 delivered cost from digikey it’s a touchscreen that fits right about what you were looking to spend on galaxy-tab repair parts for which you have no data. the screen described at the link above has supported drivers and is known working with the bone.


Maybe you guys could do a cape with this or just add conectors:

We don’t do capes. That is handled by anyone that wants to make them. The folks at Circuitco make a lot of the capes but not all of them. They might be interested.