Where did all the BBB go?

I keep seeing numbers like “10,000 shipped since January”, and Adafruit had three (3) for sale a week ago and already sold out. Where on earth did all these BBB go? Did you sell the entire lot to the bitcoin miners or something? I had to pay $65 to get a BBB back in February and shorted mine out two weeks ago, was heartened to see the Debian official image finally came out; can’t seem to find anyone on the internet to buy a replacement from for under $80. Project is dead in the water indefinitely until I can find another one at a reasonable price. I see a ton of BBB on ebay for $100+ but that’s ridiculous. At this point I might as well wait for the Tre to come out in May…


Frustrated in Dallas

I have discussed this many many many times on this forum already. I have no idea were the distributors sell the boards to.

Adafruit gets boards every week. We ship 3,000 a week. Sorry that you can’t find them. If you are that desperate, drop me an email and I will see if I can get you a head start on getting one.

Oh, and the number is 42,000 shipped since January. The board is very popular it would appear.


Be prepared to buy right away and put your name on Adafruits email me when in stock. When you get the email, buy it then, don’t wait.

I had to sit through a couple of cycles before that sunk in. This is a very popular board.


Excellent advice!


Also pay attention here on this mail ist. I have gotten two because someone says there are at website X right now and I went and ordered them.

Special computing has stock.



You may want to read the thread 'Availability - how come nobody has any BeagleBone Black to sell?'

It has lots and lots and lots of good info in there, not only about 'where' 'all' the BBB went, but good info on strategies for getting real BBB's, verified clones and other quality ones.

FWIW, I think I saw that Element14 (aka Farnell aka Embest) have 3 of their manufactured boards in stock about 3 minutes ago although I expect they'll be gone by the time you read this.



Yay, they are available on adafruit again!

So hopefully my supplier will get them soon, too!

Any suggestions for Tutorials for starting with BBB in the CNC World?



Got a minute, have a look at brand new BBB CNC-Cape “t-bone” (3D-Printer ready) on indiegogo: http://igg.me/at/t-bone/x/7041114

Any suggestions for Tutorials for starting with BBB in the CNC World?

Check out the excellent MachineKit image to run LinuxCNC on BBB: http://blog.machinekit.io/p/machinekit_16.html