Where is Angstrom settings and linux kernel version in OE?


Im a newbie in Embedded Linux World.I created my images using OE and
solved all problems until now.I want to understand how OE works.As you
know we make 2 important changes on local.conf,they are

DISTRO=angstrom-2010.x and MACHINE=am3517-crane(Im using craneboard.)

When i dig am3517-crane.conf which is in /openembedded/conf/machine
directory, i found answer which satisfied me, it is about x-load,u-
boot and uprocessor.When it configuring u-boot and x-load it patches
them.I found the directory etc.

Here is my questions,


When i dig angstrom-2010.x.conf, i couldnt find any configuration
settings about which linux kernel it will compile.It just tell
MACHINE_KERNEL_VERSION 2.6, at bottom of angstrom-2010.x.conf i

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel_beagleboard = "linux-omap"
PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-omap_beagleboard = "2.6.39"

when i go linux-omap directory which is in recipes/linux, linux-omap
doesnt contain beagleboard.I made a search in /recipes/linux for
crane,i found it at /recipes/linux/linux-omap-psp-2.6.32, and images
which i created realy use 2.6.32 linux kernel.But it writes nowhere in
config files.Where is it? How oe goes there and takes that config file?


I also didnt find what my rootfs consist of ( what is the default? )
How can i edit and add new features? In which directory and file?
If i want to creat a rootfs which consist of just busybox, how will i
edit? (Note: i use angstrom-disturbution)

Sorry, it was long but im confused, i want to understand the system
how it works.Waiting for help.

Thank you very much



when i go linux-omap directory which is in recipes/linux, linux-omap
doesnt contain craneboard.


    Hope the below mentioned link helps: