Where is my BBBW WiFi?

First, my problem is that my BBBW isn’t joining my WiFi network and it isn’t casting its own network either. Given these issues, I don’t know how to SSH with it to fix the WiFi.

I received a BeagleBone Black Wireless yesterday and here is what I did:

Flashed the eMMC with the latest Debian image. During this time, WiFi worked correctly (it created the BeagleBone WiFi network, and I managed to get it to connect to my home WiFi).

A few hours later, flashed the eMMC with the latest Ubuntu image. After starting the device, WiFi didn’t seem to work - it didn’t connect to my home WiFi and it didn’t start its own.
This morning, I flashed the eMMC with the latest Debian image again. Despite my hopes, I’m not finding any WiFi connection.

How can I either:

  1. Reset the BBBW’s WiFi so it starts up its own network again?
  2. SSH in to a BBBW while WiFi is down so I can run some commands and figure out what’s going on?

Please run this with your current installed image:

sudo /opt/scripts/tools/version.sh


Everything looks okay, just grab the latest snapshot: