Where is "rc.local"


Where is “rc.local” ?

Beaglebone Black doesn’t keep date between power cycle. So, I need to
put “ntpdate” somewhere in the boot process. Normally, “rc.local” is the
place. But, I couldn’t find it in Angstrom 2013-05-08 or 2013-05-27.

It has been ordained by the clerics of Linux that rc.local was bad. Hence it is no longer. systemd now handles the start-up sequence and you need to learn about units and dependencies to start up some program on boot. I’m not a huge fan but it’s not super difficult to understand or anything. Just adds a lot of complexity to do something simple like you want to do.

@reboot /usr/bin/ntpdate -b -s -u pool.ntp.org
in root's crontab

Ah, crontab… I forgot about that. Thank you.

@reboot /usr/bin/ntpdate -b -s -u pool.ntp.org
in root's crontab

@reboot /usr/bin/ntpdate-sync silent

Dunno /usr/bin/ntpdate-sync :wink: It's not present on my BB.

I had heard mention of systemd but never cared to know more and
now with angstrom I am forced to deal with it. Seems like a classic
case of taking something simple that works and making it
complicated and hard to use. But we still have cron!

systemd makes almost everything correct on my Ubuntu Laptop,
automagically.... For most linux users systemd is perfect.

"It has been ordained by the clerics of Linux that rc.local was bad."
Is a great statement... But you can ban systemd from your System. And I
agree, systemd is not at all perfect for Angstrom@BB!


Whatever you may think about systemd, the 'bone does have sample files, including ntpdate.service which as far as I can tell is good to go.