Where is the file that loads services and devices on bootup

Where is the device (for example) loaded at bootup:

not using i2c and others and want to speed up bootup time. I can sudo systemctl stop and disable but I want to remove services and devices not being used. If not using i2c and uarts and others will removing these calls to the drivers crash the system?

This is not even close to answering your question, however this is will give you a solid solution.

Build a yocto core-image-minimal and add to that exactly what you need.

Myself, I don’t like ripping stuff out because it might work and might work for a while, you just don’t know about the interaction between everything.

If you want a fast boot you will need to move up to a multi-core.
Also, if you install the image instead of using SD card you will see a decrease in boot up time.

Thanks, I am trying buildroot, running the example in their documentation which is a Beaglebone Black, i enter the exact things in the tutorial but get an error. Buildroot requires you contact them using IRC but so far they had no ideas as to what the error is from.

Well, the more you do the more you will find out that your experience is common.
Most of the stuff on the internet is stale or sabotaged.

Best would be to use the exact instructions on the buildroot site. I tried it but found yocto is a better fit for what we do here. If you are using instructions directly from their site it should work. Post a link to the instructions you are using.

And yes they said it is an older kernel but I think is should not throw an error during make.

Interface to the pmic is over i2c… Think powerdown etc…


foxsquirrel, I cloned yactoproject and pokey and nanbield. I see several tutorials for the BBB and they are somewhat different. What is your goto tutorial or example building for the BBB?

Only information of value are the actual docs for the specific branch of yocto (version). With the BB / Ti use the kirkstone branch. Build the core-image-minimal qemu example and if it works you are good to go. Getting your big box set up is very important.

Follow yocto instructions exactly and they will guide you. Initially I made the mistake of following a trail of crap and as a result hated yocto. Well, it was all my fault for following others, now that information directly from yocto is correct it becomes very clear how powerful of a tool it is. It is complex and you will need to read and read.

foxsquirrel, I realize this is not a yacto board but how do you get a minimum build then add only the services/devices you need. Where are they located? Just what is in a minimum build?

core-image-minimal is just enough to run and have networking/usb support/monitor output.
Add what you need in the local.conf or make your own .bb layer.